Executive & Volunteer Positions


Executive Positions


President (Executive):

  • Responsible for coordinating board meetings, setting the agenda, chairing meetings

  • Responsible for coordinating parent team meetings including AGM, setting the agenda, chairing meetings

  • Responsible to ensure board adheres to by-laws

  • Maintains record of policies and position descriptions with assistance of Secretary

  • Liaison between school management and executive/team


Secretary (Executive):

  • Attends all board meetings and parent/team meetings, takes minutes and delivers minutes to the board and team in a timely manner

  • Maintains record (archive) of all board meeting agendas and minutes, parent team meeting agendas and minutes

  • Assists President with maintaining record of policies and position descriptions


General Manager (Executive):

  • Liaison between coach and board/team

  • Liaison with 3rd parties as needed (Metro Edmonton, Football Alberta, etc)

  • Liaison between coordinators (team meals, fundraising, etc.) and board/team

  • Communicates with parents/players on a regular basis regarding schedule and events

  • Maintains updated parent/player contact list

  • Schedules and arranges for team photos, including grade 12 poster

  • Works with Treasurer to ensure all registration and deposit cheques are collected

  • Works with Registrar and coaches to create team list including jersey number


Treasurer (Executive):

  • Signing authority on bank account with another member of the executive - 2 signatures required

  • Maintain record of all financial transactions

  • Update Corporate Registries information, prepare and submit annual return

  • Collect all payments from players/parents including: registration fees, association fees, uniform and equipment deposits, volunteer cheques and any monies collected for fundraisers, clothing orders, etc. Deposit monies accordingly.

  • Obtain receipts for all out of pocket expenses paid by volunteers, coaches and equipment manager(s) to ensure deposit

  • Ensures volunteer cheques are returned/shredded/cashed accordingly


Registrar (Director 1):

  • Collect all forms from players ensuring they are properly completed, (registration form, waiver, equipment checklist, medical forms, etc) - at spring and fall camps

  • Collect spring camp payments and provide to Treasurer

  • Prepare initial team list/contact list - maintain lists in conjunction with General Manager and Head Coach

  • Register all players, coaches and on-field staff with Football Alberta, provide invoice to Treasurer for payment


Fundraising / Volunteer Coordinator (Director 2):

  • In conjunction with board members, determine fundraising activities based on budge and future needs of the club

  • Enlist volunteers to coordinate each event

  • Work with event coordinators to ensure success of fundraising events

  • Ensure all information is provided to General Manager for communication

  • Ensure any receipts/invoices are provided to Treasurer for payment

  • Provide list of volunteers for all events to Treasurer at end of season to ensure volunteer cheques are cashed or dealt with accordingly


Banquet Coordinator (Director 3)

  • Confirm selected date of event with board and coaches based on team schedules, finals and provincials

  • Enlist volunteers and provide information to Fundraising/Volunteer Coordinator for tracking purposes

  • Responsibilities include: venue, catering, rentals, decorating, set-up (including AV for presentation) and take-down, guest speaker, year-end gifts for players, gifts for coaches, ticket sales, program, MC, video presentation, invitations to special guests (as directed by board and coaches)

  • Ensure any receipts /invoices are provided to Treasurer for payment

Social Media Coodinator (Director 4)

  • Obtain or renew site licence, provide invoice/receipt to Treasurer for payment

  • Post announcements, news, team list, events; create calendar and post schedule

  • Provide website information to General Manager for distribution to team, parents and coaching staff and encourage them to visit the site

  • Maintain and develop website

  • Maintain and promote social media channels including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram


Volunteer Positions


Team Meal Coordinator

  • In coordination with General Manager, set dates for all pre-game team meals (usually day prior to game day), confirm available budget and which items are provided for by the club and which ones need to be provided by families

  • Purchase necessary supplies, provide receipts to Treasurer for repayment

  • Set menu for each meal, determine quantity of food required, prepare sign-up on website

  • Using team list and sign up on website, ensure all families have completed the required commitment, work with General Manager to contact those that have not signed up

  • Weekly follow up with those responsible for bringing food to remind them of their commitment of food and time (help set up, serve and clean up)

  • Meal days: set up tables, provide serving utensils, ensure supplies (plates, napkins, etc), clean up, store extra supplies in team room


Jacket Sales Coordinator

  • In conjunction with the General Manager, set date for jacket sizing evening (night when parents and players can attend); should be same as clothing evening if possible

  • Select vendor, ensure vendor has information re: colours, sizing, etc. and attends sizing evening

  • Assist players with sizing and completing order form

  • Payments are made directly to vendor

  • Finalize orders ensuring any players wanting to purchase, have

  • Communicate with vendor and ensure completion of order in a timely manner

  • Receive or pick up order and distribute accordingly



  • Attend all practices and games, ensure alternate training staff is available when unable to attend

  • Tend to injured players, communicate with parents for follow up as required

  • Maintain inventory of medical supplies (purchased as required,  provide receipts to school Business Office for repayment)

  • Collect and maintain record of player medical history and pertinent contact information

  • Trainer courses, first-aid training or medical experience preferred for this role


Equipment Manager

  • In conjunction with coaching staff, arrange distribution, repair, return and cleaning of player equipment

  • Coordinate transportation of equipment to games (water station, trainer table, etc.)

  • Must attend all games, assist players with equipment adjustments as required, attend practices when available


Equipment Assistant

  • Provide Assistance to Equipment Manager as required - see above



  • Attend games, practices and team events to take photographs of all players, coaching staff, fans, etc.

  • Submit selected photos to Website Manager for posting

  • Submit selected photos to Game-Story Writer for submission to local media

  • Prepare and arrange for year-end PowerPoint presentation for banquet - ensuring every player is represented

Auditors - 2 required

  • Review books, accounts, records and statements after fiscal year end (December 31)

  • Sign off on statement prepared by Treasurer for submission to Corporate Registries and presentation at following AGM


Banquet Committee Helpers

  • As per Banquet Coordinator


Game Day Volunteers


Game Story Writer

  • Attend games, creat summary (article)

  • Provide write-up with selected photo(s) (as provided by photographer) to local media, website manager, school admin (for school blog)



  • Must attend all games

  • Code game stats into HUDL for team use

  • Must be completed 1-2 days after games

  • Information is for team use


Game Announcer

  • Must attend all HOME games

  • Provide play-by-play announcing using equipment in booth, ensure proper shut-down and closure at end of game


Spotters - 2 required

  • Must attend all HOME games

  • Assist game announcer in identifying players, calls and action on the field