Our Sponsors

We're pleased to partner with great people and businesses within our community.  

Thanks to our generous sponsors for their assistance in making ABJ Football great.

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Interested in helping out our team?

We'd love the extra support and here is how:


Becoming a sponsor of ABJ FOOTBALL means supporting our team either financially or through products and services.


Operating a High School Football club is an expensive endeavour.  Providing a SAFE and rewarding experience for our players is of upmost importance.  This requires ongoing expenses in the area of player equipment such as helmets, pads, and uniforms.  Functional and certified practice equipment such as bags, sleds, footballs and even kicking tees add up costs.  Add transportation costs, telecomm, field rentals, clothing and the budget adds up. 


Your sponsorship helps keep the annual fees for players and families from becoming prohibitive and thus maintaining the sustainability of the program at the current high level.  Sponsorship in the form of financial contributions, marketing products, equipment or uniform sponsors, use of facilities or any other creative method is appreciated.


Thank you for supporting our kids, families, community and ABJ High School Football.


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